Doyeon Yoni Yu Studio


Hyonii's Story

Hyonii is a graduate student in Atlanta. As an international student, she gets to travel back and forth between Atalanta and South Korea during summer break. At least three times of air travel in a year and she sometimes enjoys road trip with her boyfriend by car. 

"On any kind of transportation, I'm tired mentally and physically. Motion sickness is my biggest problem. So I always bring pills to relieve my stress. Since I'm not tall, I need something to support my legs. But I like to travel very light so I don't bring many things with me."

Hyonii is looking for quite different element in Bento. She wants to have more smaller segments inside of Bento so that she can put her personal belongings like pills. She also wants to put several items for her physical relaxation such as feet cushion and back cushion. Bento provides customized item for each customer too. 


Doyeon Yoni Yu