Emma's Story

Emma Conway is a student in New York. She was born and raised in Connecticut, and recently moved to New York when she was in freshman year. Her fiancé still lives in Connecticut so she frequently travels by train and car every weekend. 

"Definitely train and car are not good places to rest my head and feet. Often, my neck hurts so bad. So I sometimes use my sweatshirt as pillow or just listen to music to distract the attention."

She came to Bento: Travel Kit and picked several items: neck pillow, foot cushion, self-massage stick and hot pad. Most of items are used for Emma's muscle relaxation during the trip to Connecticut. 

"Before Bento, I couldn't bring all of those items because they don't fit in my bag often. But right now, thanks to Bento, I can bring all of items in one bag, at once. Spending few hours in train and car can be painful. But with Bento, I can relax little bit better than before!"

She was little bit uncomfortable about traveling for a long time so she has limited experience of going overseas that requires long flights. Now, she has more confidence to try long flight since she's now with Bento: Travel Kit to relax her neck and back. She can now broaden her perspective of traveling and truly become modern nomad!

Doyeon Yoni Yu