Chaewon's Story

Chaewon is a women's apparel buyer in South Korea. Since her job requires a lot of travel, she travels abroad at least three times a month mostly by airplane. She usually contact with fashion brands world wide, most of her flights are overseas and long. 

"My body sores after over 10 hours of flights. My flights are usually pretty long. minimum 5 hours to maximum 14 hours. I always have hard time to fall asleep on airplanes because of bright lights and all the noise. Bigger problem is, it's pretty uncomfortable without any place to rest my feet."

When she's not working, she also goes to tropical countries to rest her body and soul. Away from hectic Seoul, she wants to find peace during her vacation. To enjoy her holidays, she also needs to travel for quite long time on the airplane.

"It's quite funny and nonsense that I have to take airplanes for pretty long time even on holidays. It sometimes really annoys me since I take airplanes all the time at work. I really needed something to make myself comfortable on the airplane."

She visited Bento: Travel Kit and carefully looked around for her future travel companion. She took her time to pick items too, since she has several problems on airplane travel. She already carries a lot of luggages while travel, so she is very happy with the fact that Bento holds several items in one portable bag. Now, with Bento, she is more ready to take deep sleeping time on the airplane!

Doyeon Yoni Yu