Bento: Travel Kit was first designed by fashion designer Yoni Yu, who felt strong need for compact package for traveler's comfort on any kind of transportation. Based on her personal experience during long flight, she designed a bag which can contain items which help to release discomfort such as neck pillow, ear plug, knee cushion, eye pad and etc. The bag itself is not only functional but also very stylish and fashionable. Bento: Travel Kit is perfect for modern nomad, regardless of age and gender. 

Our Story: Bento with You

Bento: Travel Kit is official brand name that conveys the idea of the brand identity. Original bento box contains various kinds of food in one box. Similarly, Bento: Travel Kit also contains various items in one portable bag. The name also stimulates customers' curiosity because the word 'bento' is usually use for carrying food, not traveling items. 

The purpose of this brand is to provide comfort to the customers when they have to travel on any kind of transportation for a long time. Travelers can't bring many items since most of people prefer light carriage. Bento: Travel Kit gives you the whole package of needed items for your travel. 


Customers can also customize their needed items based on their needs. There are several item options in the stores so that customers can choose what they want and what they don't want. Bento: Travel Kit also comes in several different textiles and colors so that customers can purchase based on their personal taste. 

Bento: Travel Kit is here for you.